Current status of the OTWP: 5/30/11

May 30, 2011 under Project Updates

Latest OTWP Update:

June 8th, 2011: Meeting with the property manager, a few notables, as well as original project coordinator on a previous project 20 years ago on same wall. Meeting will take place at the property manager’s office.

Still working on finding a paint company to donate all the painting supplies as well as the paint. Some rough estimates put the wall at 1,500 Sq ft. Cost of primer alone would be roughly, $500 – $700. Cost of paint brushes, paint pans, tarps, and other supplies would be $2,000+. That’s not even including the actual paint for the kids to use.

Once the wall permit is secured, the next phase will begin. Contacting the school and working with school officals to get in touch with the art teachers, parents and of course the children themselves. This project will be for the graduating 8th grade class. (I’m not sure of how many kids there are. For the sake of even numbers and clarity I’m using the figure 100 as a means to describe the volume of children that potentially could be involved with this project. (Note: Children will not be required to participate.)

OTWP is currently looking for people to assist during and after the project has completed. (Help with setting up & cleaning up.)

Another thing OTWP is in need of is food and drink for the wall’s unveiling. I would like to have a party to commemorate and celebrate the wall’s new incarnation. I want this to be extra special for the kids. Ideally, I would like to make this a recurring project that each successive 8th grade class would paint their dreams and hopes.

More updates coming soon…

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